Our Mission Statement      

The Olive Writers works to support writers at all levels by connecting them, offering them opportunities for personal and professional development, and mobilizing them to engage others, inspire, and promote social change.

Our  Values

  • Creativity
  • Tolerance
  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Courage
Our Vision

We dream of a world where writers take the lead in the betterment of our societies and tow us toward a hopeful future.
We envision a Morocco where writers and artists have the freedom, the support, and the necessary means to contribute effectively to social change.
A Morocco where all voices are heard, where all stories are valued and valid, where the community is built around arts and culture.
We dream of a Morocco that reads.
We dream of a Morocco where talent is celebrated and nurtured.
We aspire to expand the Olive Writers' reach to the rest of the world, bringing everyone together by the power of literature.
We dream green.

Our Goals
  • Our primary goal is to give a voice to Moroccan residents- established or emerging writers, students, readers- by providing a safe space to express experiences and embrace the experiences of others.
  • By blending both literary and soft skills programming, we intend to design programs that support writing enthusiasts in the development of their craft, and the acquisition of the necessary skills for their success.
  • By connecting established writers to young writers, we teach and inspire them to become better writers and artists and embrace a creative life, which significantly increases their chances of success in any career.
  • By capturing stories and narratives from diverse perspectives, we hope to shed light on the brimming nature of the Moroccan society, with its coexisting identities and abundant talent.
  • We strive to support freedom of expression and ignite the value of the literary arts in the community, emphasizing their importance in bringing about a positive change in society.
  • While we exceedingly rely on established writers to volunteer their time and expertise in our programming, we do our best, when possible, to provide them with additional sources of income through teaching and speaking engagements.
  • We believe in the power of literature in bridging the distance between cultures and societies, so we intend to connect Morocco’s literary scene to the international scene by providing platforms for writers to meet, supporting Moroccan writers’ mobility and participation in international writing programs, encouraging reading world literature, and launching translation initiatives.
  • The Olive Writers serves as a model to empower young Moroccans to take a more active role in creating other innovative projects to establish safe and nurturing spaces where creative minds can meet and discuss important issues of creativity.
  • The Olive Writers relies on imagination as a tool to create a community built around values of compassion, inclusion, empathy, and tolerance.