The Olive Writers Mission Statement

The Olive Writers is a bilingual youth writing program based in Casablanca, Morocco. Our flagship program, the Summer Camp, gathers talented young writers from around the country for a six-day intensive writing program. The Summer Camp aims to hone participants’ skills as creative writers while also putting them in contact with established writers who will serve as mentors, providing wider exposure for their creative work, introducing them to the publishing world, and providing them access to national and international support networks of fellow young writers.

The Olive Writers program serves as a model and to empower young Moroccans to take a more active role in social entrepreneurship through the creation of innovative projects designed to establish safe and nurturing spaces where creative minds can meet to discuss important issues of creativity.

Our inaugural session, in 2017, established a community of young writers who understand the importance of imagination and the written word in bridging the distance between people and fostering meaningful communication and mutual understanding among our fellow citizens and the wider world.

The Olive Writers encourages participants to see themselves not only as members of their local literary communities, but also as global citizens. We are dedicated to creating a safe space built on values of equality, respect, coexistence and tolerance, and we sincerely hope these values will take root beyond the confines of the program.