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Call for applications: 'Global Scholar: Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls.'

We are very happy to partner with AMP Global Youth on the Global Scholar: Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls  program.

Join us online this summer to:

  • Learn from experts about challenges facing women and girls in the US and worldwide. Scholars will explore framing concepts including: the human rights framework, the evolution of modern feminism, gender justice, and more. They’ll also take a deep dive into three hallmark issues for the women’s rights movement: workplace justice, including equal pay; reproductive rights; and access to education.
  • Unpack underlying systemic challenges around gender justice, racial justice, and more. Like every other challenge we face, threats to the rights of women and girls are based on deeply-rooted economic, social, institutional and personal biases. Moving forward on any of these issues requires an intense examination of why and how we got to this place.
  • Build powerful skills for engaging your peers and communities around advancing the rights of women and girls. We’ll start with personal reflection on our own power and privilege, then move on to building skills for engaging others through dialogue and conflict-resolution. We’ll cap it all off with a deep dive into skills for speaking out, from writing for a local paper to meeting with an elected official to organizing a group or event. The experience culminates with each team drafting a project they can launch in their community.

Who can apply:
  • Young people aged between 14 and 18 who are  who are curious about advancing the rights of women and girls and building skills to take action on this issue.
Program Dates and Venue:

This four-day program will take place online every other Sunday from 5-8pm ET beginning June 27 and ending August 8.

How can I apply?

Complete the application form bellow by June 12, 2021. (midnight)

Additional information:

This is a fully-funded opportunity: Tuition ($600) and program materials are provided free of charge to all accepted participants.

Certificates of completion will be given to the participants at the end of the program.

The participants interested in creative writing will be invited to one of our future Olive Writers Regional Workshops.

If you don't meet the criteria for this program (due to the age restriction or your country of residence, for example), please explain your situation here explaining your situation. We will do our best to accommodate you for future programming.

For more information or questions, please contact:

TOW Facebook page:
TOW Instagram: The Olive Writers
TOW team:

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Comments (39)
uzXqbvDSMla ZqbeCSgAdyfTjht · June 08, 2021
AgBNfEYLSFHmPjTy cELGudatUwDlHi · June 08, 2021
I'm very interested to know about women's rights,my rights and how to make everyone respect me with even making efforts because it's my right. *Maria *Ait lhcen · June 08, 2021
I'm very interested to know about women's rights,my rights and how to make everyone respect me even without making any efforts because it's my right. *Maria *Ait lhcen · June 08, 2021
I'm very interested to know about women's rights , my rights and how to make everyone respect me even without making any efforts because it's my right *Maria *Ait lhcen · June 08, 2021
I want to know more about this topic because it's really stupid to be a women and not be able to know your own rights *Maria *Ait lhcen · June 08, 2021
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