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Call for Submissions: Olive Writers Short Story Contest

The Olive Writers and the American Language Center Casablanca are pleased to announce the Olive Writers Short Story Contest.

The contest is organized to celebrate the creative potential of emerging writers in Morocco. We believe in you! Grab your pen and start writing, no subject is off-limits!

The contest is supported by the U.S. Embassy Morocco through the U.S. State Department's AEIF 2019.


  • Moroccan residents, between the ages of 16-26.
  • International students in Morocco are eligible to participate in the contest.

Deadline for Submission:

  The 30th of May (midnight).

Guidelines and Rules:

  • The submission must be a short story of 1,500 words maximum.
  • The short story must be written in English or Arabic.
  • Only one short story per participant may be submitted. Multiple or incomplete submissions will lead to disqualification.
  • The Short Stories must be sent to the following email .

  • All stories must be submitted via email only, following these guidelines:
             1. Save the story as a Microsoft Word document using the file
                 name “Short Story Contest-Last Name.”
             2. Include a cover page in your Word document. This cover
                 page should state your full name, mailing address, email
                 address, ID picture , a phone number where you can be
                 reached and the name of your educational institution, if any.
            3. Use the subject line “Short Story Submission” for your
                 email and attach your short story submission to the body of the

  • No part of the short story shall be plagiarized. Only original work will be considered for the competition. No part of your story should have been published earlier nor should it be under consideration for publication elsewhere or for any other contest. Any form of plagiarism will result in the essay’s disqualification.
  • The members of the organizing committee and the panel of readers and their families are not eligible to enter the competition.
  • All entries agree to give the Olive Writers first publication rights. After publication, you can use your work in a different publication. All writers will retain copyright ownership of their work.
  • All prizes will be awarded at a Closing Ceremony of the Olive Writers Summer Camp 2021. Winners who can't make it to the ceremony will mailed their award.

  • Grand Prize: Scholarship to attend TOW Summer Camp 2021, valued at $1200.
  • First Place: $150 (In each language category).
  • Second Place: $120 (In each language category).
  • Third Place: $100 (In each language category).
  • The top short stories will be published in an in-print anthology at the end of the year.
  • Shortlisted short stories will be published in an e-book anthology  and on our magazine after the results have been announced.
  • Both winning and shortlisted writers will receive a certificate.

Good luck!

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Comments (27)
I would love to participate Fatima Elaffas · March 20, 2021
Time to show the power of the pen . Best of luck to all participants. Alamghouz Oualid · March 20, 2021
What a golden opportunity !
Don't let it slip through your fingers.
Good luck, all participants !
Mahjoub Belyatima · March 25, 2021
Writing a story is like creating a world of whom you're the lord, sharing it is opening your own world to foreigners and entrusting them with the fruit of your imagination.
Both these actions are highly beneficial, and I'm looking forward to submitting my story.
Aya Bargaoui · March 26, 2021
كان يا مكان في قديم الزمان العرب إخوان لكن جاءت أمريكا ولم تترك شيء كما كان . Yassine jander · March 26, 2021
My immortal diaspora

September 19th, 2010. Starting from that day, I have not been as
others were and I have not seen as others saw, to quote from Edgar Allan
Poe's poem titled "Alone". On this day, I was sentenced to prison for 10
years and for the reason of defending myself in an unintended crime. From
this point in time, agony was my companion and my life was black and
bleak, for I have spent seven years and four months inside the depressing
walls of Marrakech. Every day, every week, every month, every hour or
minute was funeral to me, my family and those dear to my broken heart. At
that time, I was a student at the baccalaureate level and I was as young as my age was 17, and you could imagine a child going to room full of gloom.
In the court, I was presented as a criminal by coincidence who was just
defending himself against two drunk enemies who wanted to cause him
pain during one evening. Inside the barren walls of the prison, I decided to
continue my studies. I got my baccalaureate, a bachelor of law and two
other diplomas and all this inside the other world where life was so strange
and scary. Just after that very long period, I finally came out and I am no
longer living in the diaspora. For me, prison was diaspora as I was living in
another culture, another society and another cultural text where I have
meet people of different ages, different painful stories, but indistinguishable
as pain was the friend of everybody. I came out and was little by little
stretching my broken wings and getting rid of the life that was a nightmare.
Out of the tiny room, just after embracing freedom, I could accelerate in studies and could get a bachelor of English Language, and currently a
second year master student at the school of letters in Marrakech. This is
my painful story and it is the story that I shall never forget as life after
prison is so strange and hard to comprehend.
January 20th
, 2018 is and was a special date in my life. You can not
compare this date to September 19th
, 2010 when I nearly died. Of
importance to narrate what makes this date dear to my heart. It is feeling of
leaving prison to finally become a free man after falling apart. On that day,
after 7 years and 4 months of hard times, I was born to my family. It is and
it was a day left behind but I shall never forget, for I have a good memory of
that day, that beautiful moment, and that peaceful hour in which I was freed
from the unthinkable room. I came out of prison and meet my family
members who greeted me with lots of love and freedom, lots of happiness
and lots of energy after my very long absence. We sat down and spoke,
drank tea and hugged each other. After that long period, I couldn't be
certain where my own relatives are living, I did not know where are my old
friends or who was doing what and where; this because I was transformed,
died and born again. A short time after leaving the diaspora, I built new
relationships with the people of my neighbourhood and realized my dream
like other students to go to university. At the university, I met good students
of English; Meriem Essarsari, Alamghouz Oualid , Mohammed El Arabi
and others. Really, it was marvelous to live university life that I was
forbidden from; I could sit in the middle of the crowd of students and raise
my hand and participate as a powerful capable citizen. Furthermore, I went
and sat in public cafes, restaurants and gardens and the feeling was so
touching to the extent that I felt welcome and was flying over the moon
every time I went out with my friends. Briefly, how nice it was to declare the
death of the prison and the birth of my new self. But, I still have mixed
feelings as sometimes it's beautiful and sad because the Moroccan society has another view perhaps towards me, for they perhaps judge people
based on their past deeds, but I always seek the winds of change and hope
for brighter future, especially in a time of 1984.
ELfaizi Yassine · March 27, 2021
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