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Dispatch from the AMP Global Scholar Program. Session 1

Day one (10/08):

It's time, the moment we all waited for, the anticipation, the doubt and the wait are finally over, everyone gets on and here we go, it's starting...

The cheerful faces, the heartwarming smiles, everything seems perfect so far, we start our day with a welcoming ceremony and an introduction to the program and to each other. As if this wasn't wasn't already amazing, the session has just started and it just kept getting better with an introduction to Global citizenship, one of the most important aspects of this program, this beautiful concept made for everyone's good and for every human around the globe to connect with each other and know that he is not alone in this vast world that is our planet, a concept that played a huge role in these dire times of Covid-19. After a short break we returned to play a little game as to know each other better and as to prepare for the cultural exchange that is to come in the next few days, half an hour later we jumped right in our first workshop of the program -mapping our challenge- (Covid-19 impact on youth in morocco and the US) a very rich and educational workshop that made us realize just how much the same we were and how Covid-19 has impacted us in similar ways.


Day two (11/08):

After a long wait, the time finally came for the second session of the program, a session that was as fun and fruitful as the first one. We got to hear from two wonderful speakers, the first of which is "Liberata MULAMULA" the former tanzanian ambassador in the US who talked about the impact of Covid-19 on the African continent compared to the rest of the world, a very interesting and surprising comparison that made all the participants comprehend new reasons and factors that differentiate each continent or country from others in their fight against this worldwide pandemic of Covid-19; and the second speaker, a very modest and inspiring man which is none else than "Adnane ADDIOUI", Social Impact Enthusiast & Catalyst, who answered all kinds of questions about his work and plenty of other subjects which helped broaden the participants views on many aspects of themselves and the world around them. After this well-spent 2 hours, the Moroccan participants introduced everyone to the different angles of their culture and showed them the different foods, music genres and rituals present to this day in the Moroccan culture. Last but not the least the participants were introduced to the second workshop of the program -Empathy- which educated the Scholars on how and when to use empathy, a very critical skill in the daily life of each of us.


Day three (12/08):

Here we are at our third session of the program, one like no other where all the scholars learned critical skills and information. This wonderful session started with our speaker "Elizabeth SERLEMITSOS" who helped everyone understand how to identify a problem's solutions and how to convince people to follow them, an indispensable know-how that will surely come in handy one day or another, the scholars explored the Covid-19 pandemic as a US economic challenge with three speakers "Karen Showalter", "Sam jones" and "Nour" Which helped them discover the impact of Covid-19 on the US economy and the many challenges Americans are facing as a country and as individuals in these hard, taxing times. The participants then explored the American culture through an amazing presentation done by the American scholars. Then, it was time for our third workshop of the program "Diversity and Inclusion" where everyone explored the meaning and slight difference between many notions such as Diversity and Inclusion, Allsyhip and Saviorism and my personal favorite Positionality and intersectionality that was accompanied by a very emotional and great speech of the AMP team speakers, this workshop helped the Scholars shine the light on many misunderstood words and concepts and understand them better as to always be aware of their impact on every human's life in the society he is in.


Day four (13/08):

We started the final day with the fourth workshop of the program -Workshopping a Strategic Intervention- where we as groups, discussed and tried to solve the most common challenges known to youth during these dire times, an activity that gathered all of the past skills that we learnt during the whole program and the previous workshops, it was the most challenging activity but yet the most helpful and fruitful one, we had a lot of fun doing it with each other as we became very good friends through this wonderful program. We then moved to the last activity of the program presented by HOLLABACK-Bystander Intervention Training- which helped us learn valuable ways and tricks to stop harassment toward us or toward other people around us, skills that we will be likely using very often in our daily lives.

Unfortunately, everything in has an end and this was the end of this amazing program but fear not as the finish line is not always the end it might be a path to a new beginning.


< it is good to have an end to the journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end> "Ursula K.Le Guin"

By: Chadi Tounzi, 17, Participant.

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