Meet Our 2019 Alumni

We're proud to present our TOW '19 cohort!

Read on to meet this year's Summer Camp participants.
Hello, my name is Abdellatif Elmourabit.

I'm 21 years old and I'm from Taroudent. 

I'm a student at the university there, where I study philosophy.

During The Olive Writers' Summer Camp, I learned the importance of criticism, communication, critical thinking and the craft of writing. 

In addition, I was also able to make new relationships and friendships with young people from other regions of Morocco and with professors from around the world.

My name is Mariem Atif and I'm 20 years old.

I'm from Sidi Hejjaj, a village near Settat.
I would like to thank all the coordinators for their efforts in making this camp such an amazing experience. I would especially like to thank my teacher Soukaina HabibAllah—I was in the Arabic creative writing workshop—because I really learned many things.

I used to think that a writer was made through inspiration and I thought that writing required a powerful input, but now I understand that writing is something we must practice and work on every day and that we can improve our work by writing and writing and writing.

I also enjoyed meeting other people from different backgrounds. I was so excited to get to hear their stories and their brilliant ideas.

I am very grateful for The Olive Writers because it contributes to human development by focusing on creative expression, which is something that is too often neglected in Moroccan society.

Hi, everyone! My name is Hiba Bikisse.

I'm 19 years old and I'm from Salé.
I found out about The Olive Writers through Facebook—a friend of mine actually found it and sent it to me. As soon as I looked up the program and learned about the camp on the website, I was really motivated to apply and I really liked the idea of the summer camp. So, I immediately started the writing assignments for the application.

Since day one, when we arrived in Casablanca, everyone was so welcoming and so nice.

There was a really good vibe and a good atmosphere. It helps you as a writer to write more and to be more creative when you have a support system.

I've learned a lot through the program, and I've had amazing instructors and made amazing friends. I hope that the friendships I've made here—with people who are older than me and with people who are younger than me—will stay with me for the rest of my life because I've learned so much already, but there's still so much more to learn from them.

Our last workshops were really moving because you just know it's the last workshop, so you pay more attention to all those little details you might have forgotten about and you have more courage to speak up in class because you know it's your final chance—you know, if I don't speak up now, that's it, the program is over. It was also incredible to see how much progress we had made as writers during the six days of the camp.

From the first day to the last one, you could really see that the participants became more courageous about speaking, and their writing styles have even changed a bit. It was noticeable and it makes me happy to see that we really did learn something from this program.


I'm Zaid Chakiri,
and I'm from Taourirt.

The Summer Camp was a great experience: I learned many new things and I met wonderful new people. At the camp, I was introduced to the process of writing a short story and I learned about the structure and components of a story.

Writing is important to me to be because it is an expressive art that allows me to express myself.

Hello, my name is Mouad Quarouani.

I'm 15 years old,
and I'm from Sidi Bennour.
This experience with The Olive Writers was a very nice opportunity because I learned a lot and I met amazing people here.

Writing, for me, is like a mirror—I can see myself in it. So, at The Olive Writers’ Summer Camp, I got to see so many different mirrors. Everyone has a mirror in his or her heart, and at the camp, we were able to share our mirrors with each other and to show our true characters and personalities. Everything here has been a highlight, from the first moment to the last one.

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