The Olive Writers Featured in Hespress Arabic

After a wonderful feature story in French, Hespress has published an article on the Olive Writers in Arabic.

The article appeared on August 19, 2020 and focused on the Olive Writers’ 2019 summer program. Written by journalist Wail Bourchachen, the piece explained the nature of the program, its partners and sponsors, and its objectives and goals.

Hespress is an independent electronic journal that was established in February 2007 under the directorship of Amine Elganouni. A well-respected journal, it has received international praise and was singled out by Forbes as an outstanding independent news source. In 2012, Hespress was the third most-consulted electronic news source in the Maghreb region.

Prior to the publishing of the article, Wail Bourchachen conducted a phone interview with the Olive Writers director Mohammed El Wahabi. During the interview, Bourchachen and El Wahabi discussed the overall vision, scope and goals of the Olive Writers’ programming, as well as the ways in which the organizations was carrying out its mission.

Bourchachen’s article also touched on the Alumni Engagement and Innovation Fund grant that the Olive Writers won to support their programming throughout 2020. This prestigious grant, which is funded through the U.S. Department of State, chose the Olive Writers out of a pool of some 1,300 projects from around the globe. The Olive Writers will use the grant to develop young Moroccan writers’ creative voices, and by bringing English and Arabic into dialogue, the program seeks to raise awareness of the importance and potential of both languages.

Furthermore, the article provided details on the program’s guest speakers and lecturers, who conducted workshops in both English and Arabic during the six-day-long intensive writing residency, the Summer Camp. Among these guest speakers and lectures were prolific biographical writer Anthony David and the Booker Award winner Houda Barakat.  

Wail Bourchachen is, himself, a prolific journalist, and he has been recognized by the European Union for excellence in immigration reporting for and article he co-authored with Outhman Baaj.

We would like to thank Wail Bourchachen for his outstanding article on the Olive Writers.

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