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'Write From Home' Creative Writing Contest

The Olive Writers and the American Language Center in Casablanca are very pleased to announce the Write From Home creative writing competition.

About WFH:

Write From Home is a creative writing and storytelling competition for emerging writers in Morocco.

It is a chance to use their voice as a weapon and fight the ignorance looming over the covid-19 pandemic. We believe that stories are not to be entertaining only but should be vessels for a timeless idea or a lesson that serves as an example for generations to come, as well.

WFM is an opportunity not only to preserve our history, but also a chance to raise awareness and help people understand the current situation, by opening a discussion about possible outcomes.

Participants are expected to write a short story of 1000 words max, with the general frame being inspired from current events (the corona epidemic, but other social, environmental or economical events may be sited as well), all while keeping in mind, as a general objective “raising awareness”.


  •  Moroccan residents, both young men and women, between the ages of 14-25.
  •  International students in Morocco are eligible too.

Phases and progress:

 The competition is composed of TWO phases:

 Phase 1 ( preliminary phase) (21 April to 26 April 2020):

The submissions will be evaluated by a professional jury, who will then choose 10 stories to pass on to the next stage.

Phase 2 (28 April to 15 May 2020 ):

The 10 best stories will be published on our Facebook page as a standalone post, with a picture of choice (of the author or a cover) and will be subjected to a public vote (number of likes per story). The top 3 stories will be the winners of the WFH competition.


How can I apply?

  • Submit the short story via the email:
  • Considering the current challenging times, if you don’t have access to email, feel free to send us the short story to either our Facebook page, or via Whatsup to the following number: 0762695059. In this case, you should still follow the same guidelines for email submissions.


Dates for Submission:

    • The short stories must be submitted between April 11-21, 2020.


Guidelines and Rules : 

  •  The short story must be written in either English or Arabic.
  •   The submission must be a short story of 600-1,000 words.
  • Only one short story per participant may be submitted. Multiple or incomplete submissions will lead to disqualification.
  • Send your application as an MS Word document to
  •  Your stories must be submitted via email, following these guidelines:

            1. Save the essay as a Microsoft Word document using the file    name “Write From Home-Last Name.”

            2. Include a cover page in your Word document. This cover page should state your full name, mailing address, email address, CIN number, a phone number where you can be reached and the name of your educational institution, if any.

            3. Use the subject line “Write from home” for your email and attach your essay submission to the body of the email.

  •        No part of the story shall be plagiarized. Only original work will be considered for the competition. No part of your essay should have been published earlier nor should it be under consideration for publication elsewhere or for any other contest. Any form of plagiarism will result in the essay’s disqualification.
  •    The members of the organizing committee and the panel of readers are not eligible to enter the competition


  •        Top submissions will be published in an Anthology, on our website, and on our upcoming online literary magazine.
  •        The top three winners will receive a prize, a certificate and an invitation to our upcoming Regional Creative Writing Workshop.
  •        The top 10 submissions will receive e-certificates.

If you don't meet the criteria for this program (due to the age restriction or your country of residence, for example), please write to us explaining your situation. We will do our best to accommodate you for this or future programming.

For more information or questions, please contact:

The Olive Writers Facebook page:

WFH Project Coordinator (Hiba Bikisse) at:


What are you waiting for? Grab a pen and start writing!

We can’t wait to read your short stories!



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Comments (4)
العالم كله صامت و يترقب و عيونه على التلفزيون و أخبار الانترنيت و الراديوهات....
الأثرياء و الفقراء، الشيوعيون و الرأسماليون، المحافظون و الليبيراليون، المؤمنون و الملحدون ... كلهم في دلو واحد ...
حيث يأخذ الأطباء بزمام قيادة الكوكب، ليجلس مجلس الأمن و محكمة لاهاي و الكونغرس و الكرملن و كل تلك الأجهزة المكلفة بإنشاء الحروب على الدكة....
سلام تام بين البشر، نعم أيها السادة، إنه جبروت الطبيعة في أبهى تجلياته، حيث تجبر الانسان، ذلك الكائن المنفلت الذي ولد من رحمها، على التوقف و هو في طريقه لإنهاء كل شيء جميل في هذا الكوكب ليعيده إلى مكانه الأصلي : كائن ضعيف و خائف !..
وككل أولئك الذين يفضلون دائما الحرب على الحب، أولئك الذين يملكون من الجهل ما يكفي لكي لا يؤمنوا أبدا بكروية الأرض، كرصاصة تقتفي أثر الموت ، نقف ببلاهة ضد الحكومة وضد البوليس بل وحتى ضد الله غير مبالين بالقوانين ونحن على عتبات الفناء، هكذا نضمن تخريب كل شيء بتعنت اسبرطي وأنانية طفولية، هنا حيث تقف اللامبالاة ممشوقة فوق بؤبؤ العين تتحدى الموت....
هيا لنخرج إلى الشوارع كي نقتبس لحظة فرح يتيمة ليكون كل ما يأتي بعدها مجرد غرق وهزائم، هيا حتى نضمن تمزيق صفحات حلم طفل ما يزال يحبو في دروب الحياة، ها نحن أقرب من حبل الوريد لتحطيم قلبَي عاشقين حالمين بالفراق للأبد، ها هي ذي شجرة الزيتون ذابلة تبكي فلاحا كان يرعاها بدمه، وها أنت ذا وحيدا تحمل جسدك بين كراسي الحدائق بلا رفيق يتشارك معك خسائرك وسجائرك وسرورك ....
لا بأس! دعونا ننحني قليلا حتى تمر هذه السحابة فوقنا ثم نزهر معا من جديد، دعونا لا نكن مجرد أدوات لكائن خائف يريد أن يستخدمنا ليمرر رسالة الموت ، دعونا نكفر به ولنؤمن بالحياة....
محمد بنعلي · April 17, 2020
I want to participate Houssam · April 21, 2020
SloOhtXbvCW BHDquhOcYkEomZFX · July 04, 2020
XIgsrUblGWDZN DbzmCMKg · July 04, 2020